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Posted on Apr 9, 2013 in Creativity, For the people, Self development | 0 comments

A hobbyist programmer proposed to his lady by creating an old-school Final Fantasy-style RPG where each boss dropped the keys to his heart.

When it comes to marriage proposals, some people really go all out to create a memorable experience. One such is Alex Marchak. As both he and his lady love gaming — and since Marchak likes to tool around with programming in his spare time (he works as a business administrator) — the solution was Michele’s Quest, an old-school isometric RPG.

The project — which took Marchak around 164 hours to complete using RPG Maker VX Ace (a game creating application that requires no knowledge of coding) — is based on titles such as Final Fantasy and The Legend of Zelda, and is riddled with references to the couple’s favourite titles with loving touches such as censored snakes, since Michele is scared of them.

As Michele played the title, a chest fastened with four locks sat on the desk beside her; as she defeated each of the four bosses, it would drop a photo of a real-world location where one of the keys was hidden. After about four hours of play-through, she finally got the chest open — only to find a card on which Marchak had popped the question. “After completing the game and unlocking the chest, she spun around to find me on one knee.”

She said yes.

We reckon that this is one way of proposing like the best final boss ever.

Marchak’s game can be downloaded for free from SkyDrive, and you can see more pictures of the game and the happy couple on Marchak’s Reddit post.

Thanks Alex Marchak !


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